I am a busy mom of four with a major passion for helping others feel better in their own skin! I have created this space for men and women who feel lost and need guidance to accomplish their fitness goals. I am here to inspire, educate and motivate those who think there isn’t enough time in the day to prioritize themselves or those who think “ehh, why change this is just who I am” and aren’t truly happy with themselves. What is life without loving yourself and not being happy? My passion for fitness began back in 2016 when I struggled with personal issues and needed an escape. I always had love for fitness but never knew how much. As my journey began, I struggled daily and felt lost in trying to figure out how to get the physique I’ve always wanted. I felt intimidated and embarrassed at the gym because I felt like everyone was watching or judging my form. I either felt like running out the door or tried finding a room/corner where I can hide. Who would want to continue their fitness journey feeling that way? You would want to quit the next day! When it came to nutrition, I thought eating 1-2 times a day was enough! I figured skipping breakfast was a great idea and eating salads throughout the day was plenty. Boy was I way off, I would catch myself eating my kids snacks because I was so hungry!  I never saw changes and felt frustrated and defeated. I thought to myself “this is just not for me and I’ll never figure this out.” Do you feel this way? My goal is to help you feel the complete opposite on how I felt when I began my journey. I want to help you gain your confidence back, love your body again, and feel great in your clothes with no restrictions! I want you to wake up every morning and love who you have become. It’s time for you to put yourself first, look in the mirror and tell yourself “I matter”! No more excuses that you have no time because of work or kids. If I can make it happen with 4 kids so can you!  So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this journey started together and make your goals come to life.